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The experienced professionals at Munck Cranes Inc. are ready to prepare detailed electrical, structural, or mechanical evaluations for all brands or types of lifting and material handling equipment. Let us help you update, evolve and move into the very best material handling solution for your organizational needs.


To update the equipment to comply with all current Electrical and Mechanical Safety Standards. Such as CMAA, CEC NEC, CSA, UL, B167, CSA c22.2 NO. 33:19 1910.179 , ASME/ANSI B30.2

In today's marketplace it is becoming more commonplace for organizations to relocate existing equipment,, even adjusting the dimensions of previously utilized overhead cranes and other material handling equipment to suit the size requirements of a new facility.

In many cases, older overhead cranes have been structurally overbuilt and can last for well over 40 years. When it's time to update these older systems, the team at Munck Cranes can assess and apply modern electrical and mechanical technologies, greatly improving the equipment's performance, energy consumption, reliability and lifting capacity.

If your organization is struggling with outdated, difficult to maintain legacy DC drive control systems in your overhead cranes or material handling equipment, the electrical conversion experts at Munck Cranes can update and convert aged equipment into safe, smooth efficient AC based systems with the benefits of modern electrical technologies and components.

Completely autonomous overhead crane systems ARE possible. The experienced professionals at Munck Cranes can upgrade your equipment with ether a PLXC or a computer controlled system outfitted directly to your existing overhead crane solution. These modern systems allow your overhead crane systems to safely, accurately and automatically perform repetitive and precise sequences with little or no human intervention.

As the scope of you business changes so too may the needs of your overhead crane or material handling solution. If you existing runway system does require modification or extension, the team at Munck Cranes have the experience to assess, engineer, fabricate and install any required modifications or extensions to ensure you have the right solution for you business.

Give us a call today at 1.866.370.5831 or complete the Request a Quote form for a free quote or any other questions for all your material handling requirements.

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