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Monorail systems are engineered to transport under running trolley hoists along an individual beam runway configuration.

Munck Cranes curved monorail system, custom monorail system, free standing.

Munck Monorail systems can be designed to accommodate for many material handling situations and challenges, though configurations typically fall into one of two categories:

  • A basic setup enabling the trolley hoist to move along a straight steel beam from a one single point to another.  (A-B point travel arrangement)       

  • An advanced system that is set up to allow the trolley hoist to maneuver along a curved or bending beam. (Can sometimes be configured with multiple transfer switches)

An ideal application for a monorail hoist system is one in which the product being transferred overhead load must follow a precise and pre-established route; thus tracking the path of the installed monorail beam. 

Monorails can be effectively used for a variety of material handling and lifting applications including (but not limited to):

  • transferring products through paint booths

  • assembly lines used for production

  • transfer system storage

  • variety of process applications

  • delivery systems within plants and factories

  • wide array of service areas

  • over or underneath a buildings mezzanine

Munck Cranes Monorail System

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