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If your organization is struggling with outdated, difficult to maintain legacy DC drive control systems in your overhead cranes or material handling equipment, the electrical conversion experts at Munck Cranes can update and convert aged equipment into safe, smooth efficient AC based systems with the benefits of modern electrical technologies and components.

AC Variable Frequency Drive

Another option to modernize aging DC motors and control systems is to convert to an upgraded AC motor equipped with variable frequency drives (VFD's). This type of conversion is typically performed to help minimize downtime from repairs, and thus reduce impact on your active material handling process. Many of our clients who have converted to a modern AC system have noted that the conversion essentially pays for itself in as little as a year due to significant reductions in service and maintenance work on upgraded equipment.

Drum Controller Conversion

Historically it was common for overhead cranes to be outfitted with (then) standard cab operated drum controls. The team at Munck Cranes is highly experienced in converting these legacy systems to modern radio control or pendant systems, dependent on the assessed clients' needs and preference.


Contact the team at Munck today to find our how we can update, upgrade and modernize your existing equipment.

Give us a call today at 1.800.699.9405 or complete the Request a Quote form for a free quote or any other questions for all your material handling requirements.

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