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The Bridge

The bridge is made up of either a single girder or a double girder (depending on the requirements and configuration) with a set of end trucks at both ends. The bridge spans across the width of your bay or facility and this travelling section is the main support structure of your overhead crane.

End Trucks

Bridge crane end trucks are positioned on both sides of the span, where the bridge wheel assemblies are housed. This allows the whole crane to travel along the complete length of the bay or structure. The wheel assemblies of the bridge end trucks travel along rails which are mounted to the runway beams or rails.


The crane girder or girders are connected to the end trucks and they are the structure by which the trolley is supported. Girders are the large horizontal boxes or beams and are considered to be a principal element of the overhead crane system.

Trolley Hoist

This component is a combination of the hoist and the frame of the trolley. In dual hoist applications, two hoists can either be mounted to a single trolley frame or two trolley frames can be manufactured each with independent hoists.


The bridge crane trolley rides across the span of the bridge along the girder or girders and carries the hoist.


The hoist is designed to lift and lower the desired load and is fixed to the trolley frame using either a hook an/or custom lifting attachment to support the load. You have the option of two hoist models; a Munck electric wire rope hoist or an electric chain hoist. The wire rope hoists manufactured by Munck are safe, dependable, durable, and are designed for year of long term use. Chain hoists on the other hand are designed for lower capacity operations and ideal for light duty requirements or new projects where price is a strong factor when  selecting the proper lifting equipment. 

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