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Munck Cranes USA Inc. is so much more than a catalogue crane and hoist company. For more than 30 years, Munck Cranes has been a leading provider of both standardized and customized solutions for even the most challenging material handling environments.

From design and manufacturing through all your maintenance needs, we offer a wide array of material handling solutions, including the following products:

A significant part of what we do is devoted to the design and manufacture of application specific or specialized material handling solutions. The team at Munck will ensure you have the safest, most effective solution for your environment and requirements.


The team at Munck Cranes Inc. is ready to provide solutions for all your material handling requirements from standard overhead cranes to highly specialized, custom engineered systems.


Available in a wide range of capabilities, the Munck line of cranes and lifting equipment will provide versatile, economical, reliable and safe solutions for virtually any application or environment.


From design to installation and throughout the life of your material handling solution, the Munck Cranes team will ensure you get the equipment you need backed by a support and service network second to none



Munck News

I-294 Mile Long Bridge Gantry System

Munck News

Munck Cranes Walsh Gantry.JPG

(3) 30 TON Custom Built Overhead Gantry Cranes

Load measurement system complete with digitial display mounted on trolley.

Laser distance detection to monitor distance between cranes when operated in tandem.

Power supplied by generator mounted to platform on end truck sill

I-480 Valley View Bridge Project

BC Hydro - John Hart Power Plant Project

(3) 50 TON Custom Built Overhead Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes not only used to erect structural steel, they also used to support the entire superstructure.

In total, 203 girders were placed across 15 spans on the center structure.

18,400,000 pounds of steel

29,050 linear feet of girders set (5.5) miles

308 critical picks

Check out this time time lapse video

of the girder installation

7.5 and 15 TON Top Running Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Bridge beams were spliced to allow the crane to be shipped and installed underground

Dummy Cab for ease of use and operator safety

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